Digital Receipts

PPaas Digital Receipts

Compared to paper receipts, digital receipts are easier to store and more convenient to find, reduce paper-related costs, and have a positive impact on sustainability. 


Various channels for merchants

PPaaS offers various channels for merchants to share the digital receipt with the consumer including SMS, email, and QR code.

  • SMS/Email: Merchants can send a digital receipt using the device at point of interaction (POI) by asking for the mobile number or email address of the consumer, to trigger the generation of an SMS or email receipt. The consumer’s personal information will be automatically deleted from PPaaS once the SMS or email is sent.
  • QR Code: For the consumer who does not wish to share personal information (mobile number, email), PPaaS provides the option to scan a QR Code from the merchant’s POI screen in order to download a digital receipt.

Digital channels

To share the transaction receipt via digital channels, the merchant is required to have the consumer's consent.
For SMS or email, when the merchant asks for the consumer's personal information, the consumer should give their consent and be informed of their rights via an opt-in screen. 
This consent will be archived by PPaaS, which ensures full compliancy with GDPR in the European Union and data protection regulations in other jurisdictions.